Jai Chaitanya Das

This is about how the biggest book distributor in the USA, Jaya Chaitanya Das, came to Krsna consciousness. At his tenth birthday party, someone gave him as a present: Srila Prabhupada’s Bhagavad Gita. At the time he thought, “Who has the nerve to give me a book for my birthday?”

Ten years later, he’s a music producer traveling around with a famous musician (KRS ONE). This musician is quoting the Bhagavad Gita to Jay Chaitanya, who’s shocked that a famous African-American is quoting the book of his religion to him (he was born a Hindu) and knows it better than him.

That made him curious, so when he went home after a tour he decided to read it, and he found out that the present he received was the best present he ever received. He started visiting the Radha-Raman Temple, an hour away from the Los Angeles temple. Every morning he would go to mangal-arati for six months.

It would just be him and the pujari. Then after six months the pujari said to him, “You can’t come here anymore.”

He was shocked, and asked, “Why can’t I come? Did I commit some offense?”

The pujari said, “No, now it’s time for the next level. You have to go to the Los Angeles temple, where you can be trained.”

He did that and jumped right into book distribution, and now he is the No. 1 book distributor in the country.

Your servant,
Vijaya dasa